Death Manifestations distribution

Black Gangrene will always distribute the releases of Death Manifestations, Nuclear War Now is the exclusive distributor in the USA.

Current batch:

Fosso “Solo Amargo” Digipak CD
Claustrophobic and demented. Raw Black Metal with intensity and musicianship.

Revenant Marquis “Orphans” Digipak CD
A work persistently in rawness and filth with a taste of perversion and abundant chaos.

Previous Releases:
Äkth Gánahëth “Crowned in Shadows” Digipak CD
One of the best albums from last year, raw Black Metal suffused with melodies and tangled with distorted, evocative ambient keys.

Tharmazegethuzan “The Necroglyph Triptych” Digipak CD
Tenebrous dark ambient on the path of the Black Legions heritage. It is crowned with acrid discomfort and hate towards life.

Saidan/Klanen “Split MMXXI” Digipak CD
Amazing split between two of the most fierce delivering bands of the moment, no excuses to present unrelenting grim Black Metal.

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