LAMP OF MURMUUR “Submission and Slavery” [LP]


ARAZUBAK “The Haunted Spawn of Torment” [LP]

NIDERNES “Beyond the Gleam of Nightsky” [LP]

VALAC “Howls of Infinite Horror” [Digipak CD, Pro tape, LP]
New album.

OBSKURITATEM “Arogantni Nihilizam” [Digipak CD, DLP]
New album.

NIDERNES “Darkness Cenotaph” [LP]
Repress in blue.

OBSKURITATEM/NIDERNES “Somber Winter Evocations” [LP]

VALAC “Leaning Toward Bitter Misery” [LP]
Repress in blue.


VETËVRAKH “Satanic Black Moloch” [LP]
Raw Black Metal organically perverse, evil in fervour, evocative with devotion.

Necro Black Metal, to worship the times of Old.

ANCIENT STONE “Feed on the Dead” [LP]
First full-length from this mysterious entity, a fierce demonstration of Black Metal.

DRÄKAVTRÉ “Manifestations of Pure Hatred” [Pro tape]
From the deepest darkness returns this ghoul of hatred and despite. Raw Black Metal.

PERDIZIONE “Descent Without Fortune” [Pro tape]
Great Black Metal, reissue of the infamous tape released by Spiritual Disease.

OBSKURITATEM “U mrak iz mraka” [Digipak CD, Pro tape]
The return of the Bosnian darkness. Black Metal and dark ambient.

ARAZUBAK “The Haunted Spawn of Torment” [Digipak CD, Pro tape]
Haunting and enthralling raw Black Metal.

NIDERNES “Beyond the Gleam of Nightsky” [Digipak CD, Pro tape]
A massive output of melodies and profound Black Metal.

NANSARUNAI “Ultimul Rege” [Digipak CD]
Grim and aggressive Raw Black Metal.

VIRULENT SPECTER “The Black Temple of Omniscent Manipulation” [Digipak CD]
The album keeps the dirt of the demos and glorifies it adding even more dementia. Beware!

NÄCHTLICH “Satanas Solum Initium Est” [LP]
Raw and demented new album, no introductions needed!

Consummatio “Desaevio” [LP]
First release of this newcomer from the Portuguese scene. Cold and intense, a travel through wintry landscapes.

Luminous Transfixion – Elevation Within the Mists of Naaltrah [LP]
Minimal and dissonant Raw Black Metal.

Borda’s Rope “Nearer the Shores of Kothal” [Digipak CD]
A veil of sonic darkness masterfully channeling distorted harsh riffing, primitive and rude.

Both bands embrace the rawer side of Black Metal, but also delivering melodic intensity.

LAMP OF MURMUUR “Submission and Slavery” [Digipak CD, Pro tape]
An amazing album, full with experimentation and finding new paths. Nevertheless, it remains fierce and to the point, uncompromising.

NÄCHTLICH “Satanas Solum Initium Est” [Digipak CD]
Raw and demented new album, no introductions needed!

NÄCHTLICH “Nächtlich” [Digipak CD]
Raw arcane Black Metal with an ancient feeling and a genuinely hateful atmosphere.

HUMNERË “Travel Through The Nights Diabolical” [Pro tape]
Raw madness emerges once again from the Black Plague Circle. Not for weak minds, this iniquitous portray of disturbed Black Metal crawls into you and devours any sanity you may still be unduly clasping to.

Two great bands together in a covenant of Black Metal, each one parading its unique approach and both building a strong split, a brilliant release.

CRUCIFIXION BELL “Eternal Grip of the Nocturnal Empire” [Digipak CD]
Stellar riffs one after the other ravish the ether on an all-out attack of raw yet intricate Black Metal. Direct and blistering, “Eternal Grip of the Nocturnal Empire” carries a dense melodicism and atmospheric grip which keep the interest at a high spectrum, offering new details and further sensations with every listening.

LAMP OF MURMUUR “Remnants of a Bewildered Ache” [Digipak double CD]
(Co-released with Death Kvlt Productions)
Compilation featuring “Melancholy Howls in Ceremonial Penitence”, “Chasing the Path of the Hidden Master”, “Cursed Deambulations of the Nocturnal Entities” and “The Burning Spears of Crimson Agony”.

CREMANTUR “Victory of Cruelty” [Red 7″ EP]
A two-track tome mastering the harsh abrasive Black Metal spewed on previous releases. The atmosphere is dense, the feeling of complete desolation. Raw blistering mania  wanders like a cursed soul hanging to its rotten corpse, a plague of Black Metal spite hailing misery and Death.

Nidernes returns with intense melodies and morbid evocations.
Void Prayer strikes with probably one of their best creations.

Ancient Stone ravishes the ether with a collection of short, fast and savage songs. Minimal and primitive, this side of the LP is an accurate representation of the band’s blueprint: vicious Black Metal with maniacal riffing, disquiet vocals and a visceral sense of rawness and disgust.
Nächtlich are major creators of Raw Black Metal with a genuinely arcane feeling. Masterfully balancing an ancient aura with the atmosphere of pure hatred, the duo’s music gleams with memorable riffs, ferocious rhythmic outbursts and cruel vocals.

VALAC “Burning Dawn of Vengeance” [Digipak CD, LP]
(LP co-released with Banner of Blood)
Visceral and powerful from beginning to end. A wild ensemble of unforgiving riffing switches from violent more direct displays to melodic quasi-hypnotic sections exhibiting Valac’s evolution in terms of arrangements and the build-up of the right atmosphere.

BLOOD MAGIC “Medieval Dark Arts” [Digipack CD, LP]
Hailing from the depths of the US, Blood Magic ravishes the ether with a scorching tome of raw medieval Black Metal mastery. “Medieval Dark Arts” is the aptly titled debut demo by the duo, eight tracks reeking with a grim and archaic atmosphere, a genuine arcane feeling, somber and unnerving. Memorable riffs and pounding drums stand side by side with eerie synth landscapes through a varied and dynamic songwriting interlacing fast ruthless material with slower mournful parts. While carrying a rough and ancient edge, the raw approach of the production perfectly fits Blood Magic’s musical traits, a poignant essence as frozen as inhuman, the dark and relentless scent of true Black Metal.

CELESTIA “Delhÿs-cätess” [10″ mLP]
Utterly evocative, immersive in its capacity of portraying images of haunting chambers and poignant landscapes, as memorable for its lyricism as for its musical vision, cloaked by a dark veil of poetic romanticism.

SUŠA “Velike zvijeri” [LP]
Sonic emanations are carved with an oppressive and truly cryptic essence, a sound erected through an almost neurotic guitar work, genuinely haunting riffs that thrive aside a disturbing, dramatic and definitively charismatic vocal performance.

SANDWORM “Revenge of Bygone Clans” [LP]
A consistent purveyor of blatantly genuine Raw Black Metal. Crude lo-fi sound permeates the seven hymns at hand without ever obfuscating the strength and fiery quality of the arrangements, instead bringing forward an enthralling aura. 

OBSKURITATEM “Pro Officio Mortuorum” [LP]
Dating back to the origins of the band, this 18-minute composition is a perfect representation of the old days of Obskuritatem: demented, obscure Black Metal and abyssic Dark Ambient landscapes.

OBSKURITATEM / RxAxPxE “Holistic Sacrifice for Death’s Majesty” [LP]
A match made in the uttermost abyss, Black Plague Circle entity Obskuritatem and German transgressive Occult unit RxAxPxE join forces for a split venture of true infernal mastery. A name synonymous with some of the most visceral musical emanations summoned in later years, the Bosnian presence is crafted in two long tracks, one manifested by spectral raw Black Metal and another portraying ominous landscapes of eerie ambient darkness. The German specter furnishes two equally lengthy pieces of menacing Noise, sinister creations of ghastly sonic terrorism. Enter this circle of perversions and submit to His Glory.

NIGRUM IGNIS CIRCULI “Contra Mundum” [Pro tape]
“Contra Mundum” strikes in awe and wonder, two new tracks of utterly intense sinister Black Metal driven by anguish and decadence. Whether on mid-tempo stomping outbursts or ravishing storms of hatred, “Contra Mundum” carries the Blood and Fire of genuine Black Metal angst, inarguably the best material crafted by the Bosnian horde to date.

NÄCHTLICH “Bygone Winds of a Black Curse” [Pro tape]
As one of the most proficient entities in the raw Black Metal milieu, Nächtlich have continuously showcased a consistency in quality through its numerous outputs. The same is not an exception in its brand-new demo. “Bygone Winds of a Black Curse” is a thunderous ordeal of lo-fi cruel Black Metal carved with razor sharp riffs bursting with hatred aside a crude and austere rhythmic pulse intermingled with ominous melodies courtesy of striking keyboard landscapes. Nächtlich bonds arresting songwriting with a haunting aura of sheer torment in 15 minutes of cryptic darkness which effectively sets the Canadian duo as a prime name in its field.

CANDELABRUM / SULPHURIC NIGHT “Death Slumbers Amidst the Ruins” [Pro tape]
(Co-released with Altare Productions)

VALAC “Years Deprived” [Digipack CD]
“Years Deprived” projects a sinister aura right from its very start invoked by ominous chords and spectral wails, an atmosphere shaped by a lo-fi and involving sound, as ghostly as the music created. While the production is crude and unpolished, it holds perfectly with the dynamic arrangements that enrich the musical pallet of this demo, from fast piercing riffing to rhythmic changes marked by more atmospheric and menacing chords, a wide spectrum of pure darkness that shall feast any and all Raw Black Metal aficionados.

VALAC “Leaning Toward Bitter Misery” [Digipack CD]
A strong name to recently emerge from the US’ harshest Black Metal fields, Valac has in “Leaning Toward Bitter Misery” a piercing and memorable debut full-length. Shrouded in darkness, its gloomy sound carries an ominous aura that wholly captures the essence of the powerful arrangements. Scornful wails, obscure guitar riffs and somber melodies set the tone for this opus, spews of madness that for its crude delivery display a superior sense of dynamics, from mid-paced and atmospheric to storming rhythmic sections.

VOID PRAYER “Relics of the Storm” [Digipak CD]
One of the highest luminaries of the Bosnian scene, Void Prayer returns with “Relics of the Storm”. Continuing in the footsteps of the recently released second full-length, the quartet keeps the momentum and spews yet another superb dose of visceral Black Metal. Utterly oppressive, crafted from the self’s nethermost regions, “Relics of the Storm” is a long piece of evocative and mystical sonic disquiet, treading paths which rise in intensity from virulent outbreaks of pure hatred to sinister mantras of genuine ritualistic fervor. From this abyss, there is no way back.

ARAZUBAK “Arazubak” [LP]
US entity Arazubak revealed its initial signs of dreaded life earlier this year through a demo tape, already showcasing an addictive raw Black Metal sound bursting with malice and a distressing atmosphere. Now the time has come to reveal the debut full-length, a self-titled tome of ominous musical emanations brimming with genuine suffering and wretchedness. Crude and austere, the sound of Arazubak is organic and enough varied to craft a sharp sense of dynamics in the midst of poignant exquisite riffs, a piercing rhythmic section and a voice that wails directly from the utmost hellish void. Enter 30 minutes of delirium by matter of splendid Raw Black Metal mastery.

ARAZUBAK “Demo I – Solipsistic Canticles Under Ruptured Skies” [LP]
This year of 2020 witnessed the debut release of cryptic US horde Arazubak. “Demo I” comprises 30 minutes of incredibly obscure raw Black Metal, mysterious and enigmatic, brimming with piercing riffs and inhumane vocals. The lo-fi sound perfectly correlates with Arazubak’s music in all its ominous glory, enhancing the morbid atmosphere of dread and vicious cruelty.

MONS VENERIS “Mistérios Satânicos, Disformes, Infernais” [Digipak CD]
For almost 20 years, Mons Veneris have been a mandatory purveyor of true sonic terror, influencing and inspiring countless artists and bands all over the world. Now, the time has come for a new display of abyssal emanations under the title “Mistérios Satânicos, Disformes, Infernais”. Two long 30-minute tracks embody this masterful orgy of aural horror, an hour of Noise infused dark ritualistic ambient music invoking the utmost chthonic regions with true satanic fervor, an entrancing wavelength of sinister sonic void. Heed and praise, enter the master of all evil!  

VETËVRAKH “Dominion of Terror” [LP]
The face of evil Black Metal strikes again. Following close to a decade of foul demos and nefarious splits, Bosnian heinous entity Vetëvrakh returns with its debut full-length. Right from its first moments, enters a putrid manifestation of vicious raw Black Metal evoked with endless fervor and genuine worship to abyssal forces. “Dominion of Terror” casts real horror in the body and soul of the listener, a source of impure negativity under the sign of morbid depraved riffs, spellbinding drumming and a maniacal voice gurgling tainted blood with hellish fanaticism. Behold and agonize, these are true abyssal emanations of audial terror. 

CANDELABRUM / SULPHURIC NIGHT “Death Slumbers Amidst the Ruins” [10″ mLP]
(Co-released with Altare Productions)

VOID PRAYER “The Grandiose Return to the Void” [LP, CD, Pro tape]
(Co-released with Altare Productions)
In an attempt to describe the meaning of a musical piece, words are like a shadow play. They can only outline postures and movements in a very crude and rigid way. Lyrics can hold an immense amount of power and may be the means of a justified description. However, in this case, to reveal the lyrics would mean to divide an ensemble of contextual unity. Besides, without a musical context present at all times, words would become merely assertive speech expressed in metaphors that, most likely, no one will ever understand.
„The Grandiose Return to the Void“ is exactly what the title proclaims.

OBSKURITATEM “Hronika iz mraka” [LP, CD, Pro tape]
“Hronika iz mraka” portrays its mysterious ways in an evocative form, as a storm gathering on the horizon, an entity awakening from a dreadful slumber: you hear the voices, the call, the curse. The raw sound fills the air with a dense unquiet agitation, as the songs ensue the melodies stir the heartbeat, we are reminded of our existence limitations. No pride, but dust and despise.
Preserving the analogic touch on the overall production, Obskuritatem presents tempo variations that never allows you to predict what the following move is, moments of false serenity, chorus with Ur’s wraith presence singing of your disgrace. Unrelenting, majestic, spiteful. The stench of false triumph may inebriate you as the album reaches its final notes but there’s no conquest after such iniquitous encounter. The smell is from your decay. We fall. We are nothing. Obskuritatem means corruption of balance, the erasure of the threshold between this world and whatever nightmares you keep being held to. It represents decadence, the derelict outcome of human existence.

LAMP OF MURMUUR “The Burning Spears of Crimson Agony” [LP, Pro tape]
Following a string of outputs since latter year’s inception, this one-man cluster released “The Burning Spears of Crimson Agony”, a demo comprised of four tracks, two contemplative ambient interludes and two long epic compositions. While the interludes deliver an atmosphere and reflective quality, both parts of “A Burning Spear to the Heart of Dawn” strike with might and thrust and leave the listener in awe for a true majestic ordeal of raw yet melodic Black Metal is at hand. Enthralling and somber, here lie the overall ingredients that complete Lamp of Murmuur’s recipe. 

NIDERNES “Vengeance, Herald of My Despite” [Digipak CD]
Debut demo from this Portuguese entity. Austere and somber, three tracks of genuinely obscure Black Metal with a truly intense atmosphere.

BORDA’S ROPE “Nearer the Shores of Kothal” [LP]
Comprised of three long tracks, the US wraith engulfs the listener on a treacherous journey masterfully channeling distorted harsh riffing, primitive and rude yet conveying a disturbing sense melody, hypnotic drumming impulses, with a ruthless vocal performance grasping absolute misanthropic hatred and cruel spite. As established on previous releases, the necrotic grim sound production once again wholly suits the music for Borda’s Rope crude and savagely creates an uncanny sense of sonic distress, a mystical atmosphere emanating a stench akin to audial rotten flesh. The lo-fi reverberations of already trance-inducing pieces are a match made in fire and brimstone, a barbaric sadistic tone exhaling from the void like a rusty dagger into our soul.

DEOGEN “The Endless Black Shadows of Abyss” [LP]
Deogen arrives with a piercing recipe of intense Black Metal summoning an aura of cosmic darkness, a dense set of tracks revealing a range of freezing cold riffs and austere somber vocals interlaced with subtle tasteful keyboard passages that exhibit a perfect mix of violence and harmony. The sonic work on “The Endless Black Shadows of Abyss” works wonders for the group’s style, a crude organic sound free of plastic endeavors, instead capturing an arcane feeling. As this opus unveils, a sinister aura permeates as we are left with an eerie sensation of distress. Deogen’s presence is grandiose yet wrathful as a sharp dagger, a musical expression filled with charisma and depth.

NIDERNES “Darkness Cenotaph” [LP]
Nidernes returns with its first full-length record. The Portuguese horde casts a distressing misty atmosphere through masterly crafted obscure Black Metal. Hypnotic, somber, a majestic creation.

FORGOTTEN SPELL “The Necromancer” [LP]
“The Necromancer” demo became a milestone in Black Gangrene’s history when it came out back in 2017. To celebrate the label’s 10th anniversary, Forgotten Spell agreed to a vinyl edition of this amazing work of German Black Metal.

DECREPITUDE “Ave Atque Vale” [LP]
The glorious return of one of the elite entities in the raw Black Metal field. Expect absolute diabolical dread, a descent into the nethermost abyss. Worship the Void!

WILSUMNES “Onwards to the Great Darkness” [Pro tape]
Returning from the shadowy tomb, the group presents a new assembly of ghastly Black Metal, a sinister cauldron of darkness that from its first moments strikes with viciously penetrating riffing, piercing like a sharp dagger, stirring with visceral melody and furious belligerence. Such intensity is properly corresponded by a virulent vocal execution, a poignant performance overflowing with passion and wrath.

NITERIS “Our Death, His Monument” [Pro tape]
The link between Niteris and Black Gangrene Productions goes back to the year 2014 when the label put out the band’s first demo “Our Body, His Temple”. Six years later, the Bosnian horde returns with yet another emanation of vicious Black Metal. Visceral and oppressive, “Our Death, His Monument” stands as an assault to the senses through its hostile performance and raw rehearsal like sound. From the first moments of this demo, one finds itself perturbed by the cruel maniacal vocals, the superb guitar work – equally arrangement and sounding wise – and the fast, caustic drumming which is intriguingly interlaced with brilliant slower, utterly suffocating sections, elements that unite on a ghastly deathlike atmosphere likewise well represented by the ominous artwork.

ADVERSO “Descent” [Pro tape]
In the course of four tracks, Adverso drags the listener on a sinister journey through the dark night of the mind, soul and beyond with a ceremonial, utterly somber sound marked by morbid, incredibly dark riffs, ritualistic rhythmic impulses and a ghastly vocal delivery that carries a piercing, almost dangerous component, thus contributing to the overall visceral aura of distress permeating this Descent. Adverso’s sound is austere and poignant, elements which the reverberating sound production elevate to a higher level of torment and disturbance, similarly aided by the superb artwork which adorns this opus.

Borda’s Rope submits a distinctly lo-fi set of tracks whose austere and sinister guitar riffs enfold this side of the vinyl in a shroud of piercing darkness. The simplicity of such riffs, sideways with the primeval drumming, convey a mood of distress and danger. Topping these elements, the legitimately haunting vocal performance stands out as the essence which takes Borda’s Rope side of this Split to a higher level, sepulchral demented wails stirring genuine suffering.
With Geheimnisvoll, the raw spite permeated by Borda’s Rope is continued yet on a slightly different route. Where the former is nihilistic and minimalist, the latter offers further variation and borders the majestic from the very introductory keyboard lines. Geheimnisvoll is overtly violent and belligerent, especially on the fastest parts where the hatred and scorn are cast more intensively, although melody strikes in as well, a sort of epic feel particularly illustrated in the memorable six-string work.

SULPHURIC NIGHT “Arcane Monoliths of Triumphant Death” [DLP]
It is utterly mesmerizing the way this horde casts absolute and intense darkness with its disturbing arrangements. Compiling material that was originally released in very limited quantities, “Arcane Monoliths of Triumphant Death” is a more than welcoming and comprehensive collection of a vault that goes back to 2013.

MALEVOLUM “Veritas et Violentiam” [LP]
With its second offering, “Veritas et Violentiam”, Malevolum carries on the route set by 2018’s “In Absentia Lucis”, nevertheless in a furthermore intense, oppressive way. Undeniably, the four lengthy songs here burst with an impenetrable fog, an almost suffocating aura of dread, penetrating somber Black Metal centering its delivery on outright shadowy negative riffs along with nearly ceremonial vocals, expressive and ritualistic, an obsessive performance which effectively adds to the aforementioned oppressive and cruel aura. 

SULPHURIC NIGHT “Forever Cursed” [LP, CD, Pro Tape]
Sulphuric Night is cursed with a poisoned heart that makes life empty and yet intense with feelings of disgust and contempt. In the contradiction of a self-denying existence gleams the brightest expression of this album, that takes the listener to recognize what is Black Metal after all. Cold although blistering intensity, bleak with emotional evocations, Sulphuric Night mirrors “Forever Cursed” in ourselves besides being introspective. Ultimately, aren’t we all decaying to the same oblivion?
Black Metal does not need to evolve, requires no changes nor has to adapt to whatever trend or modern views on the movement. “Res eodem modo conservatur quo generantur”

OBSKURITATEM “Na Tronu Smrti” [Double Pro Tape]
The name Obskuritatem is synonymous with one of the most distressing and compelling hordes to emerge out of the Underground scenery of the last decade. Part of the heinous Black Plague Circle, the Bosnian vampire have masterfully carved its spiteful epidemic through a vision of sepulchral darkness and mortuary terror, whether under the guise of ceremonial Dark Ambient passages or macabre thrusts of Raw Black Metal momentum. Entitled Na Tronu Smrti, this collection displays an insight unto the primordial pathway of the succubus, from the suffocating dread of its first demo in 2012, to the evil malignancy of its 2014 split releases, with an extra draught in the form of two unreleased hymns from 2013.

HOLLOW SHADE OF NIGHT “Black Moon Viscera” [Pro Tape]
Following “Place of Departed Spirits”, raw Black Metal entity Hollow Shade of Night emits its second release. Aptly entitled “Blackmoon Viscera”, the new demo resumes its shadowy course through a grisly haunting sound marked by distressing and utterly dark riffs and maniacal wails on an overall vile and morbid atmosphere. Sonically harsh and austere, “Blackmoon Viscera” carries an aura of dread and menacing danger. Lo-fi yet clean, dirty yet thoroughly absorbing, these are intense 18 minutes of genuinely poisonous music that pierces the soul. Released on pro tape, behold a grand veil of darkness, one which carries the essence of Black Metal’s coldest and rawer fringes.

In the last few years, Sacrilegious Crown have been revealing itself as one of the foremost enticing acts on Black Metal’s rawest domain. Following three demos and a full-length recording, the Italian entity returns with a new album, a five-track set of cruel ritualistic Black Metal, a sonic shroud sheltering complete darkness. Raw yet clear and atmospheric, “Chenosi” is not governed by unfocused aggression. It is organic and thoroughly cohesive, there is a sense of distress, a shadowy aura of discomfort which elevates “Chenosi” to a pantheon of its own, be it through κενός’s ghostly wailings and haunting riffs or the utterly somber, morbid ambient sections where the esoteric spectral waves reach further levels of intensity.
Released by Black Gangrene Productions on a vinyl LP edition, “Chenosi” is Sacrilegious Crown in its sharpest most charismatic shape, a ghastly experiment above and beyond the Sacred and Profane.

BORDA’S ROPE “The Lavronic Stone Beneath” [Pro Tape]
Debut demo from the one-man Raw Black Metal entity. Enigmatic, harsh aural emanations with a peculiar atmosphere and a spiteful approach.

VIRULENT SPECTER “Upon a Dead and Derelict Throne” [LP]
Compilation of both Virulent Specter demos on 12” vinyl. Expect only the most hateful rotten raw Black Metal summoned on the farthest grotesque dungeon. Spectral, vampyric sonic terror!

Raw Black Metal from the US. Eerie and mysterious filled with melodic yet spectral riffing on an overall necromantic atmosphere. True sonic diabolism!

TORRID DEATH’S FIRE “Nocturnal Erotic Symbolism” [LP]
“Nocturnal Erotic Symbolism” is the debut release by Torrid Death’s Fire, a visceral tome of raw Black Metal overflowing with an aura of dread and obscenity. Truly powerful, the haunting guitar riffs spew hatred in unison with the sheer intensity of the percussion, both in sound and performance, while the vocals wildly exhibit absolute darkness and delirium.
Released on Cassette Tape by Perverse Homage and Vinyl via Black Gangrene Productions, “Nocturnal Erotic Symbolism” stands proudly as a supreme statement of burning and furious raw Black Metal.

OBSIDIAN DAWN “Echoes of a New Dawn” [mLP]
The second release from the enigmatical entity called Obsidian Dawn, a natural successor to last year’s debut in its obscure brand of Black Metal. With intense and sepulchral riffs and maniacal vocals sustain an overall grisly and raw sound which carries the essence of true hatred drenched in blood. Rooted in the mysteries of the ancient past, “Echoes of a New Dawn” is atmospheric and visceral in equally intense measures, with the piercing use of keyboards raising its aura to a further level of greatness.

KUDLAAKH “Kudlaakh” [CD]
Hailing from the US, Kudlaakh is a recent name on the Black Metal Underground, having released a demo in 2018. Here we find absolute raw Black Metal terror, a sonic nightmare shaped by powerful guitar riffs, a frantic rhythm section plus a spectral vocal performance filled with inhuman wails. All these elements are featured on an overall oppressive sound that flawlessly captures Kudlaakh’s atmosphere of dread. Enthusiasts of highly intense raw Black Metal will find plenty to feast on with this cd.

TERGUM AMBULARE “Sanguinis Obscurum” [Pro tape]
Debut demo by enigmatic Black Metal entity Tergum Ambulare. Within four tracks, the band delivers a strikingly dark and ominous sound manifested by dissonant, piercing riffs, a diverse rhythmic section – particularly memorable on slower parts – and an obscure and overtly rabid vocal performance. Sonically oppressive and somber, “Sanguinis Obscurum” carries a negative energy throughout, a hypnotic aura of torment and death.

VRAČ “U Vječnoj Magli ŽIvota” [Pro tape]
The mysterious new entity entitled Vrač presents us with “U Vječnoj Magli Života”, in which we face a grandiose display of Black Metal, melodic yet crude, through glorious riffs and pounding drums forging an atmosphere of true epic reminiscent of the past immemorial. Treading on sonic landscapes filled with blood and fire, a battling feeling presents itself over roaring vocals and especially via the majestically powerful keyboard lines.

HOLLOW SHADE OF NIGHT “Place of Departed Souls” [Pro tape]
The debut release of this US raw Black Metal entity. During its 18 minutes, we are dragged into an abyss of lo-fi terror under intensely dark riffs, pounding drums and a voice as inhuman as utterly terrifying. The dense – almost suffocating – atmosphere captures next to perfection the ominous and morbid sound of Hollow Shade of Night and thoroughly summons an aura of absolute dread. Hypnotic and massively dark, Place of Departed Souls is a mandatory release that shall feast any devotee of grim and raw Black Metal.

OBSKURITATEM “Vampirska Kakofonija” [LP]
Released as a demo in 2016 in a limited tape edition, “Vampirska Kakofonija” soon grasped a breathless mob at the throat not expecting such an output… and this previously forgotten work suddenly became the pinnacle of their musical experience. Conveyed by enthusiasm for a newly discovered jewel, the extended version was released on vinyl by the illustrious Goatowarex yet in 2016, which handled the masterpiece in two editions, on black and red LPs.
But time and distance are merciless and the heart grows emptier at each throb, the soul frowns in anguish, and the call for a return to the origin became thunderous, impossible to ignore. Obskuritatem and Black Gangrene dwell amongst the same inception of standards, and this covenant represents the substance of Black Metal, the epitome of the Black Plague Circle Metal.
“Vampirska Kakofonija” means Black Gangrene.

NÄCHTLICH “Nächtlich” [LP]
Debut full-length vinyl from this Canadian horde. Raw arcane Black Metal with an ancient feeling and a genuinely hateful atmosphere.

NÄCHTLICH / VRKOLAK “Darkness Calleth Upon Us” [LP]
Two entities of ancient torment gather for a split vinyl release. The Canadians display their typical dreaded atmosphere of suffocating raw Black Metal, while the Bosnian presence delivers an infectious decrepitude with a hypnotic rotten aura.

DARK WORSHIP “Fullmoon Over My Castle” [Pro tape]
Reissue of the debut and only Dark Worship demo, originally released in 2015 through Nocturnal Emissions. Raw Black Metal from Australia carrying a truly unsettling atmosphere of satanic fervor and ghastly evilness.

NÄCHTLICH “Reaping Light from the Northstar” [Pro tape]
Canadian band Nachtlich returns with a new Demo entitled “Reaping Light from the Northstar”, a bleak session of raw Black Metal ecstasy, haunting and downright intense. Possessed screams of hatred and scorn wail over a riffing frenzy, an overall release of bitter coldness with a desolating aura.

ANDEIS “Servants of the Cold Night” [Pro tape]
An utterly intense strain of Black Metal marked by hypnotic riffs, melodic yet drenched in absolute darkness, and the stunning use of keyboards, Andeis enthrall the listener with an austere raw sound that builds this album into an addictive experience.

ANDEIS “Dius Bauains” [Pro tape]
In 2015, Andeis put out its first Demo Tape entitled “Dius Bauáins”, a private release which was never widespread. Two tracks of raw atmospheric Black Metal marked by a spellbinding aura filled with entrancing guitar landscapes, a hypnotizing flow and the alluring use of keyboards.

ENSHROUD / LIPITOARE “Split” [Pro tape]
Two entities projecting the utmost darkness and disturbance reunite for a split release. Lipitoare deliver a trait of deranged raw Black Metal intertwined with experimental outbursts of oppressive noise and dark ambient, alongside a cast of harsh disturbing Black Metal by Enshroud, a veil of absolute gloom which enthralls the listener in a profound abyss.

SACRILEGIOUS CROWN “Flagellated Temple” [Pro tape]
An absolute opus of tormenting raw Black Metal. Through five tracks, the Italian horde reveals an incredibly obscure sound, entrancing in its ability to create an atmosphere of utter oppression with cruel freezing riffs emanated within an aura of total evilness and inhumanity.

WILSUMNES “Upon the Altar of Sacrificial Blood” [Pro tape]
The debut demo from Wilsumnes has 20 minutes of abyssal raw Black Metal brimming with an aura of insanity and genuine dread. Distressing and truly intense, the thunderous riffs strike in unison with a piercing drumming performance while agonizing howls mark the whole atmosphere with a sense of unrest.

MORBID SORCERY “Morbid Winds of Sorcery” [Pro tape]
Debut Cassette Tape from this one-man Bosnian outfit. Arcane Black Metal hailing the ancient past through a witching aura of occult mystical fanaticism.

NIDERNES “Vengeance, Herald of My Despite” [Pro tape]
Debut demo from this Portuguese entity. Austere and somber, three tracks of genuinely obscure Black Metal with a truly intense atmosphere.

OBSKURITATEM “Nekrofilm” [7” EP]
The latest release from the Bosnian vampyr. One excellent new track and one Satanic Warmaster cover version, this is Obskuritatem doing what it does best: virulent disturbing Black Metal carrying an essence of utter distress.

LAMPIR “Beneath the Flesh of Dawn” [7” EP]
The gruesome succubus of nightmarish terror with three new tracks of vampyric raw Black Metal. A truly tormenting ordeal of sinister cruelty!

The name Obskuritatem is synonymous with one of the most distressing and compelling hordes to emerge out of the Underground scenery of the last decade. Part of the heinous Black Plague Circle, the Bosnian vampire have masterfully carved its spiteful epidemic through a vision of sepulchral darkness and mortuary terror, whether under the guise of ceremonial Dark Ambient passages or macabre thrusts of Raw Black Metal momentum. Entitled Na Tronu Smrti, this collection displays an insight unto the primordial pathway of the succubus, from the suffocating dread of its first demo in 2012, to the evil malignancy of its 2014 split releases, with an extra draught in the form of two unreleased hymns from 2013.

BROKEN SPIRIT “Demo Collection 2012-2017” [CD]
Broken Spirit have been one of the main names to come out of the Underground on the last decade, aptly exploring a putrescent atmosphere, further fulfilling its disturbing and putrid edge. The evolution displayed on obscure demo tapes and split releases presents the body of this demo collection with all tracks displayed in chronological order.

LAMENTUM “The Stature of Suffering” [Pro tape]
The expression of supreme pain and misery. Through two lenghty tracks, Lamentum casts a spell of absolute insanity on top of melodic distressing riffs alongside a slow to up-tempo drumming roaring of intensity and strain, a combo that resounds like razorblades carving an already lost soul.

VANATUR “Monuments of the Pagan Spirit” [Pro tape]
An immense veil of Death and Darkness. Vanatur defies the listener with four psalms of desolating grim Black Metal, in this collection of all the previous material unleashed by the band.

LAMPIR / WITCHMOON “Split” [Pro tape]
Sparked by the same nebula of twilight and delirium, both hordes unite for a mutual venture of absolute dementia. With ambient keyboard reverberations as a prelude, Lampir degenerates into an ultimate compound of aural darkness and despair. Witchmoon thrusts forth with 15 minutes of morbidity, emanations from the deepest abyss under a spell of diabolical guitar frenzy, hypnotic rhythms, coupled by an atmosphere of sheer dread.

ENSHROUD “Demo IV” [Pro tape]
Three intense songs overflowing with obscurity and misery. Throughout its 17 minutes, one is taken on a treacherous pathway manifested by bleak and memorable riffs and an austere rhythm section granted by a raw yet involving sound that generates an extremely somber atmosphere and a general sensation of anguish.

SULPHURIC NIGHT “Arcane Monoliths of Triumphant Death” [CD]
It is utterly mesmerizing the way this horde casts absolute and intense darkness with its disturbing arrangements. Compiling material that was originally released in very limited quantities, “Arcane Monoliths of Triumphant Death” is a more than welcoming and comprehensive collection of a vault that goes back to 2013.

MALEVOLUM “In Absentia Lucis” [LP]
The Black Plague Circle defies conventional expectations by eschewing the limelight in favor of casting their black sorcery from the hidden corners of the modern world. The music presented here will lay an irreversible hex on your head that can’t be lifted by anything except deeper and prolonged exposure to the poison that is Malevolum.

OBSKURITATEM “Pro Officio Mortuorum” [Pro tape]
Dating back to the origins of the band, this 18-minute composition is a perfect representation of the old days of Obskuritatem: demented, obscure Black Metal and abyssic Dark Ambient landscapes.

TOORVOND “Demo” [Pro tape]
Toorvod released its debut demo tape last year on a very limited edition through Consistentis Veritatis Peremptoria. During its 9 minutes, the dutch band fascinates with its highly intense Black Metal, filled with fast and charismatic riffs that generate an incredible atmosphere of mystery and obscurity.

SACRILEGIOUS CROWN “Sacrilegious Crown” [LP]
The five songs here contained display an utterly dark Raw Black Metal sound with a mesmerizing atmosphere and a cold aura of dread and decay. Disturbing and evocative, these intense forty-plus minutes oppress the listener with a sense of anguish and torment and take him on a treacherous journey through a greater abyss.

VRASËSINERËZVE “Musickorum Tremorae II” [Pro tape]
From Bosnia, enter the audial essence of bona fide disturbance and malignancy. An opus of metaphysical Ambient psychosis, disharmonious and downright delirious.

ORGY OF CARRION “S/T” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the US. Chaotic audial madness from the putrid dungeons of the cursed underworld. Re-release of the 2016 Demo.

TMÄRRDHË “Lurking Shadows of Satan” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Bosnia. Pro tape compiling Tmärrdhë’s Demo from 2013 and the band’s side from the split with Armnatt. Uncompromising Black Metal derangement.
MONS VENERIS “Deathbringer” [EP 7”]
Raw Black Metal from Portugal. The master of all evil disrupts the feeble humanity with a twisted and disturbing profanity. A demented testament of allegiance to the subterranean cauldron of diabolical Black Metal!

VRASËSIMENDUR “Demo I – Vrasëspërtkh Keqen” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the Netherlands. A draught of hostile veneration of Death and the Black Serpent, this chaotic opus is a massacre of supreme malevolence. Pure sinister evil!

VOYEUR’S BLOOD “Voyeur’s Blood” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the US. A primeval cluster of pure sonic terrorism, Voyeur’s Blood debut demo displays a sepulchral onslaught for devotees of absolute dread.

OBSKURITATEM “Vampirska Kakofonija” (Album) [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Bosnia. An intense aura of hideous bleakness and discomfort with purging deviations of discordance. Absolute dread and decay, the consuming terror of the Vampyr! Pro-tape release of the full-length LP edition, on blood-red tape with black on-body print.

DEATHVOMIT “Demo I” [Tape]
Raw Black Metal from Bosnia. A nameless vampiric specter, Death Vomit reeks of disquiet and blight. A portrait of disgust for life and existence.

VRAECK “Keldne Wart El Vende Vraecke” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the Netherlands. Fiery and bleak, this serpentine creature delves in the cadaverous most hideous channels of supreme Black Metal torture.

VIRULENT SPECTER “Condemned to the Rotting Twilight of Hateful Spirits Not at Rest” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the US. The ghastly fiend named Virulent Specter haunts with a propulsion of absolute dread and disturbing twilight. Pitch darkness, utmost evil!

Ritualistic Ambient divinations and distressing overtones of malignance. A split opus of harmonious imbalance, darkness in aural symmetries of atmospheric desolation.

KENOPSIA “Desolate Radiance” [Tape]
Prurient Ritual Ambient with gashes of bleak inhuman Noise. Kenopsia gleams of distress and misery, a desolated radiance where all light is devoured and terminated.

VRKOLAK “Legion of Spectral Night” [Tape]
Extreme Raw Black Metal. Degenerate pestilence reeking of rotten blood upon disturbed ambient noises and glaring Black Metal. Limited to 30 hand-numbered copies, comes with official Black Gangrene stamp.

LLAHTARË “Pure Evil” [Tape]
Extreme Raw Black Metal. A momentum of unblemished upheaval from the depths of Hades. The zenith of sonic torture, absolute suffering and misery. Limited to 30 hand-numbered copies, comes with official Black Gangrene stamp.

VRASËSINERËZVE “Musickorum Tremorae” [Tape]
From Bosnia, a horrific nightmare of disgruntled souls. Disturbing Dark Ambient, aural miasma from the great Void. Limited to 30 hand-numbered copies, comes with official Black Gangrene stamp.

MORAŠ “Gaze of the Void” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Finland. An insane display of hate and distortion, the gaze of the void devours your mortal soul into eternal damnation!

Raw Black Metal from Bosnia. From the deranged mind of the Vampyric entity known as Vrasësinerëzve crawls a rotten specter of maniacal Death worship. Pro-printed tape, with white print on shell.

DROHTNUNG / BROKEN SPIRIT – The Black Aurora – Void Worshipping Psychosis [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Australia. Two inexorable hordes of genuine gloaming darkness unite for a shared séance of depravity and atrocious might. Pro-tape with on-body print, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

FORGOTTEN SPELL – The Necromancer [Pro tape]
The German masters deliver a tremendous display of mystical Black Metal with a supreme arcane atmosphere. Mandatory! Released on a special jewel case with a stamped logo.

VOR.ULKR – Vutroè Varbrège [Pro tape]
One of the ultimate outbursts of the legendary Black Legions Circle, this project encompasses 20th year old recordings completed by Vordb in 2017 under the guise of the original master tapes. Enter a havoc of sonic disruption, the destruction of the music formula, into a new endless vacuum of pure nihilism.
(Under exclusive license from Vordb Na Riidr.)

RUBEDO NOCTURNO “O Grande Pai – Abismo Incriado” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Portugal. Rubedo Nocturno stands for deranged sinister chaos, oppressive tenebrous atmosphere and utmost devotion to the deepest void. Limited to 100 copies.

PREIZHER “Bloodrunk Stalker” [Pro tape]
A spectral fiend of utmost hate, Preizher herewith gathers a tenebrous miasma entitled “Bloodrunk Stalker”. The endeavor of a ghoul from the funereal hounds Zépülkr, the French serpent thrusts a draught of raw, sinister Black Metal brimming with malevolence and subterranean might. Limited to 60 hand-numbered copies.

Raw Black Metal from the US. An incantation of horrid visions under the eerie guise of intensely caustic Black Metal. Abyssic, atmospheric and tormenting. Limited to 60 hand-numbered copies.

GONOTROPH “Demo II” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the US. Demo II presents an immense shroud of menacing gloom where a precipice of ghastly morbidity is channeled from the nethermost underworld. Limited to 60 hand-numbered copies.

FUNERAL ALTAR “Demo III” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the US. A dreadful manifestation of hate and chaos in the form of aural evil. The black flame burns bright! Limited to 60 hand-numbered copies.

LYTHANY “Promo 2017” [Pro tape]
Black Metal from Portugal. Reedition of the 2006’s Promo tape with the addition of both tracks in the form of raw rehearsal captured instrumentals. Expect an emanation of genuine Black Metal might.

LYTHANY “Primeval Darkness” [Pro tape]
A draught of scorching Black Metal defiance from Portugal, this demo offers pure unadulterated darkness in five hymns of glowing intensity which enthrall the listener in a magnetic wildfire.

MONS VENERIS “Vastlands of My Decayed Realm – A Maelstrom for Suicide” [CD]
Raw Black Metal from Portugal. This CD compiles two Mons Veneris demos, a 2009 tape released on Black Circle Propaganda and an unreleased 2005 opus. Expect deranged Black Metal and suffocating Dark Ambient resonations from the depths of the underworld.

GLORHME / VÉNAMBRE “Tvuèrbe” [Pro tape]
Audial Darkness from the Vordb Entity. A split of unreleased recordings from 1994 and 1996, this release displays two faces of sheer gloom and mystical disharmony, a ghastly alliance that assembles pure suffocating anguish.
(Under exclusive license from Vordb Na Riidr.)

KENOPSIA “Languid” [Pro tape]
Dreadful ambient. Ritual noise. Bleak perception. Kenopsia is a ghostly venture of otherworldly surroundings, cold emanations of audial discordance for neural turbulence.

OBSKURITATEM “U Kraljevstvu Mrtvih…” [CD, LP, Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Bosnia. The malignant spirit of the Black Plague Circle rises with an opus of supreme darkness. Psychotic, tenebrous, obscenely evil. Released on CD and limited pro-tape.

MONS VENERIS “Untitled Album” [LP]
Raw Black Metal from Portugal. This limited vinyl release ascends from the utmost subterranean cauldron of diabolical venom and devours all into a gasping black void.

VIRULENT SPECTER “You Will Succumb to the Hate You Possess and Your Failures Will Destroy You” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the US. Ghastly emissions of hate and acrimonious disgust under the audial banner of spiteful Black Metal. Dense, hypnotic, a hellish void brimming of hateful violence.

ZÉPÜLKR “Héritrage Posthume” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from France. Towards other darkness, Zépülkr presents the nefarious psalms by the voices beyond the grave, buried and forgotten.

Ambient reverberations from the nethermost dungeons of Bosnia. Splendid blackness and sibilant static on a perverted delirium of pure evil.

VÈRMIBDRÈB “Vèrmibdrèb Zuèrkl Goèbtrevoryalbe” [Pro tape]
Filth and fury directly from the vaults of Wlad Drakksteim. A never before disclosed project from 1996 which follows a sickening path of rotten old-school drenched Punk, extreme and raw. An Underground treasured piece!
(Under exclusive license from Wlad Drakksteim.)

VLAD TEPES “An Ode to Our Ruin” [Pro tape]
Originally released as part of a split release with Torgeist, the five Vlad Tepes hymns have been remastered from the original 1996 master tapes by Wlad Drakksteim himself, with added bonus of an unreleased song. Here lies an unholy and legendary document of pure Underground Black Metal from the dark past! Essential!
(Under exclusive license from Wlad Drakksteim and Drakkar Productions.)

DRUX “Fuxleichen” [Pro tape]
Pure unrelentless Black Metal from Sweden. Three tomes of bleak and incisive sound and demeanor, a grim passage through the frozen mountains of the northland. Limited to 100 copies on pro-printed cassettes with white print on the shell.

SULPHURIC NIGHT “Last Wound” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Bosnia. Enter 13 minutes of terror and void that haunt the psyche like a vicious sanguinary vulture. Limited to 100 copies on pro-printed cassettes with white print on the shell.

An unholy alliance of four Underground Black Metal hordes from Australia. Mandatory vinyl release, intolerant, hateful, essential. Limited to 114 hand-numbered copies, in conspiracy with Altare Productions.

MONS VENERIS “Swirl of the Sinister Shadows” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Portugal. Two psalms from the Devil’s unfathomable abyss, two chants drenched with unembodied sinister howls and chaotic snarls of six-string terror.

VLAD TEPES “Black Legions Metal” [Pro tape]
One of the primal forces behind the legendary Les Légions Noires, Vlad Tepes honors this allegiance of sheer darkness by offering its mark to some of the most emblematic hymns forged by the circle. A genuine eulogy to and from an entire scene, a glorification of the fiercest, most genuine underground spirit. Mandatory! Taken from the original master tape from 1995. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
(Under exclusive license from Wlad Drakksteim and Drakkar Productions.)

VÈRMYAPRE KOMMANDO “Crache-La-Mört” [Pro tape]
The second Vèrmyapre Kommando, from 1996. Raw Black Metal, scornful, hostile, officially released on a limited edition of 50 copies, hand-numbered, stamped and signed by Wlad Drakksteim. The audio master comes directly from the source as it was originally recorded.
(Under exclusive license from Wlad Drakksteim and Drakkar Productions.)

Hateful Black Metal from the dark past. The classic 1995 Vèrmyapre Kommando debut demo officially released on a limited edition of 50 copies, hand-numbered, stamped and signed by Wlad Drakksteim. The audio master comes directly from the source as it was originally recorded.
(Under exclusive license from Wlad Drakksteim and Drakkar Productions.)

From Bosnia, an immense veil of ghoulish morbidity. Demo II is an obscure ambient liturgy lavished by solemn keyboard touches with funereal intensity. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

OBSKURITATEM “Vampirska Kakofonija” (Demo version) [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Bosnia. An intense aura of hideous bleakness and discomfort with purging deviations of discordance. Absolute dread and decay, the consuming terror of the Vampyr! Essential! Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

DEGREDO “Aos que Caminham na Noite” [Pro tape]
Ritualistic Raw Black Metal from Portugal. Degredo displays a suffocating aura of mysticism and arcane hermeticism.

VENTOS “II” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Brasil. Ventos casts a gruesome and memorable atmosphere of utter gloom and piercing flames of ruin and degeneracy. Recommended! Limited to 30 copies.

BROKEN SPIRIT “Solò Otro Cerdó” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the filthy gutters of Australia. Genuine depravity communed on a mass of cursed noise and spiteful hate. Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

IRAE / WØMB / ORDEM SATÂNICA “Expurgação da Ira Pelo Ventre de Satanás” [Pro tape]
A putrid concilium of Raw Black Metal from Portugal. Three unholy serpents of the most subterranean Underground stench on a blistering release of absolute profanity. Limited to 100 copies.

RITUAL SUICIDE “Dirges at Carrion Dawn” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Ukraine. Two years after unleashing Ritual Suicide’s second full-length, Black Gangrene delivers another mesmerizing dose of vicious riffing and ominous atmosphere. Limited to 90 copies.

INTHYFLESH “Plunders from the Vault” [Pro tape]
Underground Black Metal from Portugal. The side A includes two old demos with a newly remastered sound, with side B displaying a live onslaught from 2002, fiery and intense! Limited to 300 copies. 30 copies are pro tape, only available through the label.

CIHNÏS ODHORE “Demo I – O Tenebroso Assombro da Escuridão” [Pro tape]
From Portugal, Black Metal and Ambient music on two parts of glacial audial atmosphere. Mesmerizing, bleak, harsh emanations of desolation. Limited to 50 copies.

FORSAKEN BURIAL “Conjuration Ritual Spells” [Pro tape]
A side project of Gamol from Megalith Grave, Forsaken Burial delivers a dreaded tome of sepulchral Black Metal with an enthralling ghoulish atmosphere. Limited to 60 copies.

ADYTUM “Procession of Dead Souls – Ornaments of Clandestine Ritual” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the UK. The next batch of demos from Adytum together on one pro tape, limited to 100 copies.

ADYTUM “Ancient Ceremonies of Obscure Mutations – At the Sacred Altar” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the UK. The first two demos from Adytum assembled in one pro tape, limited to 100 copies.

RUACH RAAH / ENTSETZLICH “Dishonored & Annihilated” [Pro tape]
Portuguese horde Ruach Raah and Australian specter Entsetzlich collaborate on a split of pure relentless Raw Black Metal. Limited to 60 copies.

An immense veil of obsidian darkness. Both Australian and Bosnian ensembles summon an opus of dark stygian ambience and psychic drone terror. Limited to 33 hand-numbered, dedicated to the owner.

ORDEM SATÂNICA “Carrascos da Humanidade” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Portugal. Unhinged, possessed, cruel. Ordem Satânica represents pure satanic black blood!
Limited to 100 copies.

IRAE “…Isto é Black Metal!” [Pro tape]
Portuguese tyrants of maniacal Raw Black Metal with their most fanatical and extreme release to date! Limited to 100 copies. Includes a numbered insert.

MEGALITH GRAVE “Emissions from Lifeless End” [Pro tape]
Ghoulish ambient intonations by this horde from the US. Sepulchral, with a grasp of nauseating pressure. Limited to 80 copies.

FACELESS ENTITY “Faceless Entity” [Pro tape]
From the Netherlands, the bottomless pit emits the Raw Black Metal succubus, Faceless Entity. Three prayers to the uttermost Void where even Death is devoured into eternity. Mandatory! Limited to 90 copies.

MEGALITH GRAVE “Disembodied Seclusion” [Tape]
Raw Black Metal from the US. Ominous and morbid, a venture into the furthermost abyss. Limited to 66 copies.

DIM “Dim” [Tape]
Raw Black Metal from Bosnia. A ritual devoted to the Master that brims of absolute insanity and total hate! Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

ORDEM SATÂNICA “Ataque Satânico” [Pro tape]
Satanic Black Metal from the putrid alcoves of Portugal. Raw, vicious, somber onslaught!

NITERIS “His Body, Our Temple” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Bosnia. A repugnant burst of death worship and sanguinary madness. Pure hate! Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

Portuguese ensemble of aural ambient torture. Suffocating terror, utterly oppressive and distressful.

Uncompromising Raw Black Metal from both Portuguese and Bosnian entities. Barbaric, inhuman sonic assault. Limited to 100 copies.

RITUAL SUICIDE – Consecration Bound in Cruor [Pro tape]
Second full-length release from this Ukrainian horde. Hypnotizing Raw Black Metal in a superb edition with an exquisite artwork and booklet with lyrics. Limited to 99 copies.

Split vinyl release between US act Ossea Cyphus and Bosnian’s Nigrum Ignis Circuli. Two songs spawned from a furnace of inhuman abyssic Black Metal. Hand-numbered edition, limited to 150 copies. Co-released with Skull Productions.

MONS VENERIS – As 4 Submersões no Corpo Diabólico [Tape]
Psychic sentient horror on a turmoil of ambient dread. Four pro-tapes housed in a special oversized vinyl case. Includes a 12-page printed booklet. Copies are hand-numbered and dedicated to the owner. Co-released with Discipline Productions.
Re-released with different cover, everything else equal to the first edition. Co-released with Discipline Productions.

DARKNESS ENSHROUDED THE MIST – The Will and the Flames [Tape]
Raw Black Metal from the Netherlands. Three tracks of violent malevolence on a nefarious assault of downright coldness. Limited to 66 copies.

Split venture between Dutch and Portuguese Raw Black Metal overlords. Powerful and piercing hymns of obscure spite. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

ORDRHEIN – Atavism [Pro tape]
Black Metal from the US. Intense atmosphere with exquisite traits of glorious raw epicness. Limited to 100 copies.

MONS VENERIS – When the Twilight of Hell Consumed All Light [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from Portugal with Mons Veneris’ distinctive exhibit of pure diabolical cruelty. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, co-released with Antihumanism Records.

DECREPITUDE – Live tape [Pro tape]
Portuguese Raw Black Metal masters on a double cassette edition assembling two live rituals. Supreme sinister venom from the uttermost void.

Lo-Fi Raw Black Metal madness from the Netherlands with a repulsive experimental virtue casting a suffocating atmosphere of utter dread.

RAKSHASA – Brotherhood of the Snake [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal from the Netherlands. A ghastly display of barbaric noise and depraved malice!

PERFIDUS – Demo I [Pro tape]
Demonic Raw Black Metal from the furthest depths of Portugal. Absolute hateful savagery!

A repudiating display of sonic hate from two Raw Black Metal heinous serpents. Sheer evil mastery!

Two of the most despicable degenerates of Raw Black Metal partner for a vinyl release. Sadistic and hateful!

Raw Black Metal sorcery by two primal entities of malignant twilight. Absolute chaotic darkness!

Demented, Raw Black Metal from the uttermost putrid dungeons of Portugal. Co-released with Discipline Productions and Ancient Tomb Records.

FORBIDDEN CITADEL OF SPIRITS – Jaded Evolution of Druided Fiends [Pro tape]
Australian Raw Black Metal, for fanatics of the uttermost subterranean madness. Primal, rotten, hateful sonic void!

Re-release on 7” of the 2008 Tape and the first ever vinyl output by Black Gangrene. Deranged, Raw Black Metal! Co-released with Defanatus Productions. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

BLACK CILICE / SATANIZE – Pactum Diabolicum [EP]
Two entities of Portuguese Black Metal fanaticism on a shared 7” vinyl of pure scorn. Co-released with Discipline Productions, limited to 250 copies, dedicated to the owner.

VETALA – Live Evil [Pro tape]
Portuguese purveyors of Raw Black Metal delirium on a live setting. Intense, unprecedented devastation. Co-released with Black Circle Propaganda.

MONS VENERIS – Demo 2011 [Pro tape]
Portuguese masters of abysmal Black Metal with a maelstrom of endless audial torture. An unfathomable descent into the boundless void.

VOLTAIC OMEN “NekrosPhrenSkhizein” [Pro tape]
Raw Black Metal band from the US and the first release ever from Black Gangrene. Two tracks of hypnotizing madness. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

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